I've been making jewelry since I was a little girl, starting with colorful friendship bracelets made from bits of yarn at summer camp and seashells and string over the course of my childhood whenever my family and I would visit the beach.

I graduated to wire-wrapping about thirteen years ago, when I was pregnant with my eldest daughter Clara and needed a hobby for those late nights and early mornings. I had a little Etsy shop about ten years ago, but with all the hustle and bustle of kiddos and the tornado of work and routine, I was always finding a reason to stifle my creativity and set jewelry aside in favor of more "important" things. :)

More recently, I've decided to give Etsy and jewelry-making another go, as I am passionate about making things with my hands and sharing them with the wonderful women who wear them. Clara and Avery Jewelry is named for my two daughters, Clara and Avery. I also have an amazing son, Austin. Instagram and iPhone have made it possible for me to take photos of my pieces in a way I thought I'd never be capable of achieving (I'm sure my fellow makers can relate to the struggle of capturing your jewelry on camera!).

I work out of the sunny solitude of my home loft studio. My large, makeshift bench sits before a giant window and is weighed down with crystals and craft culture. There's hardly any empty wall space in my studio; I enjoy wood-working and I'm always "adding" to my desk, storage, and organization.

I pride myself on my attention to detail and "stone-selecting powers", and I believe my product is one that brings joy to the wearer, as well as natural beauty from our earth and the amazing energy that comes with that. Everything I make is made with love!

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